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Here is My Review page listed below of all the rightful gratitude of my slaves.

How many subs find themselves out of town, away from their regular mistress, but desperate to session? That happened to me last week. I was aware of the London Dungeon and was particularly enamoured with Mistress Ace, primarily through her blog. At relatively short notice I contacted her and received a warm greeting on the phone. We quickly discussed my desires and Mistress Ace confirmed they fell inside the services she offers.

Before too long I was on my way to the chambers. They are so discreet you need precise directions, otherwise you'll never find them. There's plenty of parking in the vicinity. The door was answered by the house slave and I was guided to one of the three dungeons.

I was left alone for 5 to 10 minutes and I took the opportunity to look more closely at the extraordinary range of equipment available. My levels of excitement and trepidation rose at this time. As a mistress once reminded me, what you see in the dungeon are inanimate objects and that it takes a good mistress to bring them to life. Mistress Ace certainly did that over the following 90 minutes.

Eventually mistress entered the dungeon. She is a mature, striking (that woman and was dressed in a leather outfit you can see in her pictures), which was extraordinarily sexy. She asked if I'd like her to change into long boots but I found her stilettoes enough of a turn on. We discussed my interests in more detail and realised that one or two things were better served in one of the other dungeons. She spoke to the house slave and we moved to another place (where everything was brand new) with me naked and running the risk of encountering other slaves or mistresses.

Once we started, mistress took me through a range of activities including nipple torture, sensory deprivation and CBT, while lying on the bench. I was securely tied down throughout and her delectable body was never far from my skin.

I was then tied to the whipping bench but due to a couple of recent hard CP sessions I asked mistress to go easy on me. She obliged by restricting herself to hand, strap and mild flogger but I could tell she wanted to let rip. Deep down I wanted her to as well but my backside needed some recovery time.

We then moved onto insurtables. She commented on how tight my ass is, which is usually an obstacle to rewarding anal play, but with a little patience she managed to insert a small vibrator which was great fun. The final part of the session saw me suspended from the ceiling for some tie and tease. This gave me ample time to admire Mistress Ace's assets and wish I knew women of her beauty, intelligence and refinement in my vanilla life. The session ended in a very pleasing manner and I was soon bidding farewell and returning to the glorious winter sunshine.

Trying to form an opinion of a mistress based on one session is difficult but when someone gives you 90 minutes of sheer pleasure it is only fair to share that with a wider audience, some of whom I hope will visit Mistress Ace and see what they're missing.

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